Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 24 - Day 25: Leaving Nica

Day 24 - Ran for 35 minutes around a gorgeous crater lake with  howler monkeys cheering me on. 
A sweaty selfie:
The road went down then up down then up, but it felt good to be back on pavement. I definitely did not bring the correct running shoes for running on trails. When I got back to the hostel, I threw on my swimsuit and took one last swim. It was so quiet and peaceful - I swam out on the dock and got to watch an osprey fish. I also saw two golden-breasted MotMots on my run (the Nicaraguan national bird). My poor little iphone camara could not capture them, but I took a  photo of Karen's bird book. 

They are really pretty and have this very impressive tail. Then, I tempted fate by laying in the sun without any sunblock but it just felt so nice. Once the restaurant opened, I order a large bowl of fruit (which I happily shared with Karen) and some pancakes. Delicious! And, with complimentary coffee. 

At about 10am, we started the drive back the Managua Airport. Karen navigated brilliantly and arrive with perfect timing. Returning the car and check in went smoothly. And, the flights were easy because I  basically just slept through all of them. However, the experience of going customs in Miami I will never forget. We saw a man collapsed and with volunteer samaritons performing CPR. It was intense! I don't know what happened in the end, but I fear there is not a good prognosis. I was also surprised HOW LONG it took to get help. It was definitely over 12 mins until paramedics showed - I would just think at an airport they have them stationed ready to respond.....

Day 25 - Jet lagged and on only 3 hours of sleep, I only managed to run 15 minutes. But it was nice to run with the mutt again. I finished the last of errands (still dont have all my xmas shopping done :/) and got packed. Pedro came into town via Amtrack and we had a nice Hannukah super with my parents.

 It was really great seeing him again and I am excited for our next set of holiday travels. One our way to Boston as I type... 

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