Sunday, December 7, 2014

11 Day Streak!

Sorry for the delayed posting, but I have been pretty busy! Most of the time I just run around my neighborhood, which is very small but I can squeeze in about 3.5 miles before hitting one of these: 
Yesterday, I tried out a new trail which is actually for mountain biking. It was super muddy but lots of fun and filled with tiny hills and puddles due to the rain. 
Due to an epic hangover thanks to a holiday party last night, I ended up doing a night run today, Ragnar style. 

(Check out those leggings)

For whatever reason, my night runs are so much faster than my morning runs. 

All in all, after an 11-day streak, I'm feeling great and my body seems to be responding! Felt good putting on my old skinny jeans today...

Beccah, are you all caught up with serial? Any conspiracy theories? 

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