Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 21 - a Sabana Grande hill work out

Day 21 - a Sabana Grande hill work out 

Wow - I got about 11 hours of sleep last night! It felt amazing - one of the good things about Sabana Grande is that there is no shame going to bed once its dark.

Woke up at 7 am - I was able to snooze through the roosters. 

I headed out the same direction as yesterday - however, when I got to the top of the first hill (it was only a slow hill - not anything super steep) I was only at about 11 mins and I wanted to go 15 mins out and 15 mins back. So I ran over the top and started to head down the other side - and it started going down STEEP. I kept going down thinking I am just going to have come back up.... but I kept heading  4 mins down the hill. Turned around and SLOWLY made my way back up....(I admit I had to power walk a bit up the hill) But it was a great leg workout...

I got back Susan and Karen were enjoying breakfast - I did a quick, refreshing 'shower' and joined them. Susan had brought over some fresh made juice - orange with lime. Karen is teaching me how to manage susan (aka shut my mouth). We had another productive day. We attended Hilario's workshop on how to make an organic fertilizer. And then he opened the silage (it looked and smelled good)....

Do you know what also looked and smelled good - MY LUNCH. This running blog is beginning to talk more about food then running :/ It had to be one of my favorite meals at the solar restaurant (though I do still love those empanadas with hot sauce). Today we had this cucumber salad with mint and a squash dish with cumin and of course (rice and beans!). I have to learn how to make yummy beans. 

In the afternoon, we worked with HIlario visiting the houses that he vaccinated in June. It was such an amazing experience! To hear that these families havent had any chickens loss to diseases! Esp cause we know that some of these families are used to loosing all their chickens every year... Maybe, our work in the community is really making an impact...

Okay its almost 8... its dark and the crickets are .... so a completely appropriate time to crawl under the mosquito net. 

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