Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 19 (12/15) - a MAJOR victory

Day 19 (12/15) - a MAJOR victory

Today I arrived in Sabana Grande. A red eye flight to Miami and then just a quick jaunt over to Nicaragua and I am transported to another world. I am writing this blog while tucked up under my mosquito net with the wonderful sounds of the 'Sab Grand' - a man chopping wood, the crickets, the cat, the cow and the frog, the occasional firework and the music from the large sound system of a graduation party just a few blocks away...Such an interesting blend of modern and timeless sounds. 

We arrived in Managua (only slightly delayed), picked up an airport sandwich and then was confronted with the sad news that Hertz only had large trucks to rent(a free upgrade). While a truck would be nice for the country roads, I was not about to tackle the busy streets of Managua (dodging people, horses and the out of control buses) in a large truck. So we stepped over Budget and rented a nice dependable Toyota Corolla. We had a pretty easy drive - luckily the navigation was pretty straight forward. One right out of the airport and then just keep going straight. It was really interesting driving this route that we normally travel in a large bus - a much different perspective and I noticed a lot details that I have never seen before. 

Arriving at the Solar Restaurant, our 'mama' kenia was there to greet us. We drove over to her house, greeted Susan, and got a little settled. Tonight is the night of Hilario's sons graduation party (Jeyme) - Hilario is one of the vet promoters that we have worked very close with over the last 2 years. With Susan, we walked over to HIliario's to join the party! A very fun time (though I am sure that a lot of people were a little scared of the Gringas) but we jumped in there and helped warm up the dance floor. After a few songs and a little rice and beans, Karen and I were both Zombies from all the travel that we had to say our good nights....

So, here comes the great victory! I was SO contemplating not running - I mean I had been traveling all night /day and it was after 9 oclock, pitch black (very few houses in Sabana Grande have reliable power) and well that all seemed to a viable excuse, But I knew I would so sad to just throw away the last 2 weeks of hard work (and I was lucky to have Karen here to motivate me!) 

So I slapped on those running shoes, grabbed my flash light and did my first night trail run! I figured if I ran for at least 15 mins - I would for sure fit in a mile. The stars were amazing, I saw a giant ant hole, and only almost fell twice! 

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