Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 20-gorgeous sunset run

Day 20-gorgeous sunset run

Karen joined me today on my run - i made her take an obligatory running selfie. Luckily, tonight we were able to arrange it so we got back before dark. We set the Timex for 30 mins and headed down the road. We jogged passed the youth  baseball field (which was being used by some teenagers for soccer) Got some cat calls and 'i love yous' however I think they were probably all directed at Karen :) We passed Julian's house and continued up a hill until we came upon a guy trying to manage 3 cows and it looked we might spook the cattle. So we turned around (which just conveniently happened to be at the top of the hill) and cruzed on down with a gorgeous skyline with oranges, purples and pinks. A super peaceful and fun run after a very successful full day in Sabana Grande. 

This morning we held our community feedback meeting to update the community on our progress, share the information we gathered from the interviews in June, and discuss potential collaborations for the future.  I am always a little nervous before a community presentation - will people come? will they be interested? will they understand? Overall, I think it was very successful and we got a lot of great information for next year!

FYI - there was a moment that maybe this would be the second run without a shower ... we got back from the run and the water was definitely off. I had consigned myself to just a little whore bath in my room - when Vidalia came back with a bucket of water. While it was dark, the 'shower' felt amazing. And, I came back to a nice 8 legged friend in my room...see photo

Karen and I are going to light a candle for the first night of Hanukah and enjoy a hearty Nicaraguan supper! Rice and beans, mmmmm

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