Sunday, November 30, 2014

Shelby Bottoms

I thought about going for 8 miles today, but ended up settling for 5. My legs are feeling stronger, but I think I need to build up my mental toughness. Feeling good about the 5-day streak though!

Day 4 ... Woke up to pouring rain..

I have to admit today was the first day that it was hard to get out the door for a run(and I'm sure not the last). It was pouring rain :( and I was just feeling tired .... But I'm soo glad I did! I had a great run and no rain until the last mile! I actually ended up pushing myself to run a little longer. Zach fixed my nike run app (before it wouldn't get a good gps signal). So I finished my normal uc Berkeley loop and it was 2.4 miles and.. I was like - let's make it a solid 3! And I should never be upset with rain in California (given the drought!). It was nice to see the streams full of water again..

Day 1-3...

Day 1- Turkey Trot 5k! A great way to start of thanksgiving and a little wake up call that it is time to get back in shape!! Highlight= Geri and I won a bottle of wine for a best dressed duo- go team tie dye!!

Day 2- A sunny morning run through Berkeley campus. Took barley to all his favorite spots. He loves running through the wet morning grass
Day 3- A run through wine country ... 
Morning fog with beautiful fall colors. After the run - we spent the morning soaking in the hot springs (I love spa robes!) 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lake trail run!

Beautiful lake trail run. The fall leaves are getting thicker on the ground, making it hard to see the stumps and stones. Best I could do for such a hilly course!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

First Run!

A tough 3.36 miles...luckily I missed the storm: 

#RWRunStreak....Let's Start Streaking!

Lets Start Streaking!!

The Goal: Run at least one mile per day, every day, starting on Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 27) and ending on New Year's Day (Thursday, January 1). That's 36 consecutive days of running.