Saturday, December 6, 2014

Day 9-10

I suppose predictably it is harder to get out the door for a 6am run later in the week...with a Friday 8am Irat& Trat, I only squeezed in a short 1.5 mile run. But, after lab I did take barley on a nice long walk (1.5 episodes of serial). It was a nice rest day for my legs. Later that night we did a ladies holiday dinner.

Day 10... Went for my longest run yet! Goal was 4.0 mikes but only did 3.5. I am still happy. Last night ended up being a later night than expected and (since this blog is only btw me and Scotti)...

Well back to the run. I took barley to the fields - it was a muddy which slowed my pace a bit but it was worth it. Barley had such a fun time running in the mud and grass and chasing little rodents. 

The fields: Dec 6 - green and wet

o went to Michaels this evening and the best buy parking lot has a whole new meaning

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