Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 22-woke up a little stiff

Day 22-woke up a little stiff

This morning, I woke up a little stiff. I didn't sleep very well last night - did some tossing and turning. But, I pulled myself out of bed for a little morning run. I ran for 25 minutes and found a little stream (almost dry) but I ventured into the jungle a little bit. O' and I almost tripped over a chicken. 

Not the most exciting day in Sabana Grande - after my run, it started off with a long frustrating talk with Susan. But, Karen said I did an amazing job at keeping my mouth shut. Susan says the most ridiculous (and flat out incorrect) things, but she is not very good at considering other viewpoints. So it is best to just smile and nod...

We took a quick trip to Ocotol to talk to some vets (but they were all closed) and check internet. No messages from Pedro :( but I suppose that I did tell him I wasn't going to have internet....Back to the Solar Restaurant for lunch and then we passed the afternoon with Julian visiting more houses that were vaccinated. Karen came with me to deliver a gift to Rumalda (it was nice to see her but I have actually really enjoyed staying at Vidalia's). 

So it is sad to say that this was probably my last day in Sabana Grande. I tried to take lots of pictures, but it really won't be able to capture its beauty or charm. Who knows if I will ever be back again.... but so many great memories and I hope some happier and healthy chickens...

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